blue laser pointer

green laser cladding surface engineering technology has become a frontier topic, tribology, application of laser beams and other fields, can be made into high performance at low cost on the plate surface, instead of a large number of advanced alloys, in order to save precious rare metal materials, and improve the comprehensive performance of the material, reduce energy consumption, suitable for local wear, erosion, oxidation and corrosion and other parts, received widespread attention at home and abroad; scientific research and application development has been rapid development.Green laser and blue laser pointer is the two most widely used laser, now two kinds of lasers to do a simple comparison of laser beams (wavelength of 1.06 m is in the aspect of material processing with the most extensive laser source. However, a lot of plastic and used as some special polymer flexible circuit board base material (such as polyimide), not by laser beams treatment or heat treatment of fine processing. Generally is through the laser pens device on the junction surface is fixed, the first is the laser pens to the device junction, then through ultraviolet light irradiation curing.This is the set of green  laser technology, automation control technology. Through the sensor control technology and electric arc pendulum mechanism, to achieve blue laser pointer adapter and the contact surface fitting, namely automatic leveling device. Usually two control surface gap between 0.01 ~ 0.03mm.The green laser.laser pens has already It is quite common for cutting cutting processing is that it is not a means of contact materials, so it will not damage the surface of the plate, and the section without any burr, is a big cuts after the procedure of processing methods. However, green laser also will encounter a variety of actual cutting to overcome the problem. 

Here we will look at the daily processing generally difficult cutting galvanized steel used by  and blue laser pointer solutions.Using laser beams nitrogen for high speed machining, due to the laser pens function with nitrogen is different from combustion with oxygen, but play a protective role, so the cutting section does not produce oxide. Many companies also took a fancy to this advantage, so green laser of galvanized steel plate cutting is often processed by nitrogen. But the nitrogen gas cutting the disadvantage is here: because blue laser pointer cutting section completely without protection, so the product is easy to rust.The processing speed of these green laser optoelectronic devices can accelerate the speed of digital information, and can realize the laser micron scale, for example, can be used in barcode scanner. However, the problem is that the silicon material is not an effective light generator.This device has a unique function, the echo wall pattern extends to the silicon and laser beams. can provide optical amplification, and silicon passive guide laser beams. “the next step, we hope these ideas applied to room temperature equipment.” at higher temperatures will need to design and manufacture the laser is adjusted.